Meet the Officers & Board of the OKTA
Rick  Reid of Chickasha
is an accomplished
taxidermist and wildlife
artist.  He is the OKTA's
reporter and points
keeper. Along with his
wife Janell, he is a OKTA
Hall of Fame member.
Rick is the quiet back
bone of the OKTA.
Wanda Gray is from
Tishomingo, OK
Steve Abbott owns and
operates CASA DE
Taxidermy in Newcastle.
OK.  He is a retired OKC
President, Mark Pontius
of Coweta is also a board
member.  He is always
willing to contribute and
works very hard for the
OKTA.  He is also a pilot
for a private jet
Vice-President, Robby Boyd
of Moore is a part-time
taxidermists specializing
Gameheads.  This Robby's
first time on the OKTA board.  
Kevin Clemmons of
Monica Taylor of Okmulgee,
OK is our new
Secrtary/Treasurer,   Her
and her husband operate a
taxidermy business and are
both avid whitetail
competitors and hunters.  
"Taxidermy is a passion,
where I get the chance to
recreate a memory, to last a
Chance Arnold of Porter, OK
Joe Padgett is from Walters.
KD Graham of Salisaw, OK
Daniel Elkins of Bartlesville,
Geron Cottam of OKC